Professional & Referrer

As a professional, benefit from additional recommendations!

As a professional partner (health professional, reseller) you can not only benefit from reduced purchase prices when reselling, but (additionally) also from recommendations made personally and / or via your website.

Your advantages with recommendations:

  • For a full 6 months, 10% of the net order value of all executed orders of the recommended will be credited to your referral account as a bonus.
  • In addition, with a personal recommendation, the recommended person receives a Euro 5 immediate discount when ordering for the first time by using their recommendation code.
  • You can view your current bonus level at any time under "My account" and use this credit for your next order.
  • If you also have websites registered with us, the recommended ones will be automatically assigned to you via the corresponding URLs / web addresses and the bonus points will be credited to your referral account.

Would you like to be a professional (also) a referrer?

Recommend from your website
  • If you have one or more websites, send us an email with the subject "Websites / URL registration" to professional@smartvital.euwith the corresponding website (s) / URL ('s), on the / to whom you want to recommend our products.
  • After registering your website / URL (s), the customers who come to our webshop from your website are automatically assigned to you and the commissions are credited to your referral account.

Pass on the recommendation code (not possible for resellers)
  • Create a customer account , if you don't already have one. Go to "Account overview" in the menu under "My account"
  • Click on the "Become a recommender" button and you will immediately see your personal recommender code. You pass this recommendation code on to interested parties and receive the commissions for your orders credited to your recommendation account.

Welcome as a recommendation!