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Intellectual Property

The owner of any company that copies any of our products (in whole or in part) will be prosecuted for a crime and may be punished with imprisonment under intellectual property law and jurisprudence.

The concept called "LTO3, LTO3 No Taste" is intrinsic to the literary and / or artistic creation of Mr Marc St-Denis and Rodrigue Tremblay entitled "A beneficial rest" (Editions USD System - Collection "Passport" Intellectual CB N ° CA1281ST1013 - Copyright N ° 1114652 - OPIC 2014-07-18). The technical and / or commercial realization of the processes and know-how of the concept - which includes the production, reproduction and interpretation of all or part of the texts and drawings recorded in the aforementioned work, imperatively constitute the products on this website, as well as related commercial and economic projects.

By the mere fact of the creation of his work of which he is the sole owner, the author enjoys worldwide exclusivity over all or part of his production, his reproduction and his interpretation, with regard to the commercial exploitation of the materialized concept that results. In accordance with the international treaties and the national laws of the states on copyright, this exclusivity is recognized worldwide for the entire life of the author and for fifty to seventy years after his death, and this according to the legislation of each state.

Intellectual Passport CB is the name of a worldwide collection of books from the exclusive licensees of the USD System International Publishing Consortium. A book from the Intellectual Passport CB collection is a legal instrument of Intellectual Property as a literary and artistic work.

This tool opens new perspectives for the economic development of innovations, jointly for the inventor and the investor. It takes into account the anteriority of the creation on the invention itself. It evokes new preventive and alternative strategies against copycats. It allows to evaluate the economic potential of an innovation over a projection of 3 to 4 years.

The collection of books Intellectual Passport CB makes it possible to harmonize the collaboration between the partners, investors and operators for the economic development of a concept, patentable or not, and this in particular by means of a predictive (original) International Economic Multidisciplinary ( PEIP) and a portfolio of appropriate contracts that are an integral part of the work.


The patent is a contract between the alleged inventor and the public, represented by the government of the state in which he is registered. It is a temporary title and not property. Like a driver's license, it is similar to a state license with rights, obligations and cancellation options unique to each contract. The invention patent is granted to the owner in exchange for mandatory disclosure of secrets. To get international coverage, it must be extended by state or groups of states, and this must be done with strict deadlines and heavy financial resources. It gives the owner the right to prohibit third parties from exploiting the invention in the countries where the patent is disclosed and registered, and only by law. The patent is not guaranteed by the issuing state.

For the preservation of secrets, each book in the Intellectual Passport CB collection is published without being published (not / is closed). It gives the author an original concept (patentable or non-patentable) the worldwide property of the literary and/or artistic work in which the concept description is integrated. This description benefits from copyrights, as recognized by the international intellectual property authorities. These world rights are valid during the life of the author and for several decades after his death (for his descendants).

Unlike the patent, the book prohibits third parties from copying the description (plans) for commercial purposes. Description without which it is not possible for third parties to realize the invention or the original concept resulting from it. Moreover, the economic prospects and the portfolio of contracts it contains strengthen the project with a view to its marketing and also for the assessment of damages in the event of a copying trial. A book from the Intellectual Passport CB collection is guaranteed by the publisher who creates it.

Only a literary and / or artistic creation is the property of the author! This is a worldwide property without international extension fee. Patents, registered designs and/or models and registered trademarks are paid-up temporary titles. This is why they are holders and not owners.